Chapter ichi

"miku-chan get up for school!"

"ughhhhhhh.... Fine!!" I groaned to my baka brother, Mikuo. I stood up and put on my school seifuku and put my long, teal (it's not green!!!) hair. I brushed my teeth then went downstairs.

"Your gonna be late for school, Miku-chan" Mikuo said. "Hurry up & eat."

"Nああああああnいいいいいいい?!" I screech. "I can'nt be late for school! I gotta go!!"

Watashi stuff my toast into my mouth and run to school, making sure to look as kawaii as possible. :)

"Konnichiwa Miku-san!!!" Rin exclaims as I run up beside her. "How are kimi?"

"Watashi wa good Rin-chan!" I say back smiling. "We need to get to class unless we want to be late!!"


"Ok class we have a new student" the teacher said. "This is Megpoid Gumi-chan. Introduce yourself Gumi-chan

The "Omg hai ___^ I’m Gumi-san and I absolutely luuuv @__@ anime <3 and my fav is naurto!!! Okies so anyways, im going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met my hot husband sasuke!! <333333333 OMFGZ HE WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII IN PERSON!!! Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!! ^___________________________________^ When I walked onto Tokyo street =____=I looked up and saw…SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!!!! “ KONNICHIWA OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SUPA SUPA SUPA KAWAII SASUKE-SAMA!!!!!” I yelled n____n then he turned chibi then un-chibi!! he looked at me [O.O;;;;;;;;;;;] and then he saw how hot I am *___* he grabbed my hand and winked ~_^ then pulled me behind a pocky shop o_o and started to kiss me!!!!!! [OMG!!! HIS TOUNGE TASTED LIKE RAMEN!!! RLY!! >.> <.< >.< (O) (O) (O)] then I saw some baka fat bitch watching us and I could tell she was undressing him with her eyes!!!!!!! [ -___________-;;;;; OMG I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! (ò_ó) (ò_ó) (ò_ó)] so I yelled “UH UH BAKA NEKO THAT’S MY MAN WHY DON’T YOU GO HOOK UP WITH NARUTO CAUSE SASUKE-SAMA LOVES ME!!! (ò_ó)” then sasuke held me close =^= and said he would only ever love me and kissed me again!!!!!!! ** (O)/ then we went to his apartment and banged all night long and made 42 babies and they all became ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyaaaaa!!! (^___<) ^______________;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"

K go sit down." The teacher said.

Watashi noticed he was looking at Gumi-chan's butt. Hiyama-sensei is souch a PERVERT!!! I bet he's a pet of file щ('Д´щ;)

"Hi Miku-chan!!" Gumi-chan said sitting down in the desk beside watashi.

"Hi Gumi-chan!! So you've never been here before?" Watashi asked, grinning. Hiyama-sensei doesn't care if we pay attention. The only class we get grades in is Choir after all, since its Vocaloid High School! "Watashi can show you around!"

"Oh really? Wow thats so nice of kimi!!" Gumi-chan said.

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